Creative content ideas for social media with Chat GPT

Elevate your social media game with Chat GPT! Learn how to harness AI for creative content ideas that save you time and maintain your unique voice. Master effective prompts and outsmart AI text detectors for maximum impact.

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Creative content ideas for social media with Chat GPT


Since the ever-changing landscape of social media and its algorithms, I’ve been struggling in finding time to make engaging content with the frequency required by Instagram to really get it exposed to a broader audience while also devoting myself to my daily artistic work.

I imagined that you guys might be facing a similar situation, so today I want to share my findings on how Chat GPT can be a great tool for getting nice creative ideas for Social Media content, spending less time in this demanding task. We’ll look at how to make effective prompts to get the most out of AI, while still keeping your unique voice, avoiding repetition, and also passing AI text detectors with ease.

To get started with ChatGPT, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to
  • It should ask you to make an account. Go ahead and do so.
  • Log in with this account,
  • Hit the “+ New conversation” button on the top left corner to initiate a new chat, and you’ll be all set.

The following tips can be applied not only on Social Media writing but on any other creative project.

1. Summarizing and Contextualizing:

Beginning with a summary and contextualization of your needs is incredibly helpful when creating prompts for AI models. By this I mean providing a clear overview of your goals and expectations, which will set the stage for more accurate and relevant responses. So, we want to get some content ideas for our Instagram account. A good starting point would be:

Help me define the content pillars for my Instagram account. I'm an Illustrator and I want to educate my audience [specify your target audience characteristics briefly here], about the importance of storytelling through illustration and how that helps to drag the attention of their potential customers, I also want to showcase some of my illustration process, provide information about resources, tools and materials I use in my work and the production process involved, I'd like to show the human side of my business, tell my personal purpose, and offer inspiration to other artists alike. What would be your 7 recommended content pillars?. Please, under the title Content pillar ideas, make a table with 2 files and 8 columns, on the first cell of the first column put "Pillar name", and on the cell below that one put "Pillar description", complete the rest of the table accordingly.

Notice how this prompt is structured:

  1. Type of content we need
  2. Some description of the audience to which the content is aimed
  3. A brief mention of the things we’d like to share with this audience
  4. The type of output that we expecting: a table containing 7 recommended content pillars and a short description of each one of them

Now take a look at the result:

Chat GPT provided a table introducing the main content ideas with its description as requested.

Feel free to copy-paste this initial sample prompt and edit it in order to make it more suitable for your needs.

2. Crafting Effective Prompts:

As you can see the key to unlocking the full potential of Chat GPT lies in crafting effective prompts. Be clear and specific about the content you desire. Rather than a generic request, try something like, “Describe my latest artwork in three words,” or “Compose a witty caption for this photo.” Providing context helps Chat GPT understand your intent and generate more relevant responses for you.

Awesome!. Now that we defined our main content pillars, let’s use Chat GPT to get specific post ideas for each topic. The following prompt could help with that:

Now that we have the main content pillars defined, please give me five motivational tweet examples.

And here is the result:

Chat GPT result showing motivational tweet ideas
Chat GPT result showing motivational tweet ideas.

We can repeat the same procedure for each content pillar with different ideas not only for X (formerly Twitter), but also for Instagram or any other media.

3. Infusing Your Personality:

While Chat GPT is a master of language, it lacks your personal touch and individual flair. So after generating content, make sure to edit the outputs to your liking. Infuse them with your unique personal view. Add emojis, use colloquial expressions, or incorporate niche references that best align with your style or brand. Embrace the AI’s assistance, but never forget to let your voice shine through.

Taking our recent tweets example I’d change some of the expressions, and maybe complement them with some personal experiences and updated hashtags for better performance (you can search for the best ones on X).

4. Unleashing Your Creativity:

AI can be a powerful source of inspiration, but don’t let it limit your creativity. Use the generated content as a stepping stone to new ideas and fresh perspectives. Tweak, edit, and reshape the text to suit your vision and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Embrace the freedom to explore and create content that resonates uniquely with you and your followers.

5. Avoiding Repetition:

While Chat GPT can churn out remarkable content, it may inadvertently lead to repetitive phrasings or themes. To avoid monotony, diversify your prompts and encourage Chat GPT to explore different angles. Experiment with variations in questions, tone, and style. This not only keeps your content fresh but also prevents it from sounding robotic or formulaic. You can ask Chat GPT to reformulate all the answer or just a part of it:

Can you rewrite your latest answer in a friendly tone?

6. Ensuring AI Text Detector Approval:

AI text detectors are there to guarantee the integrity and safety of online content. To make sure your generated content passes these checks, be mindful of sensitive topics or flagged keywords. Chat GPT excels in crafting engaging and insightful content without resorting to inappropriate language or harmful themes. Always review the generated text and edit as needed to align with your values and guidelines.

Test your content using free online tools such as Writer AI Content Detector , you can try it here. Passing AI content detection is very important, because many online platforms, such as social media, content-sharing websites, and messaging apps, have strict content guidelines and community standards. Content that doesn’t meet these standards can be flagged, restricted, or removed. By passing AI content detectors, you ensure that your content remains compliant with platform rules and therefore it’ll reach its intended viewers and avoiding any negative association wit

7. Balancing Automation and Human Touch:

As you leverage Chat GPT’s prowess, remember that human creativity must remain the heart and soul of your social media presence. Strike a balance between automation and your personal touch. Use AI-generated content to enhance your workflow and spark inspiration, but don’t solely rely on it. Engage directly with your audience, reply to comments, and always mantain that genuine human connection.

So as a final consideration, Chat GPT could be a trusty companion in crafting creative and compelling social media content. With effective prompts and of course a touch of your unique personality, you can unlock the full potential of AI assistance while maintaining your creative authenticity. Embrace the freedom to edit, refine, and infuse your content with your personal view, and watch as your social media presence blossoms with unparalleled charm.

Wishing you a seamless fusion of AI and artistic ingenuity!,